Follow Your Dreams

I have been very lucky to come back to Huangshi College of Science and Technology, in Huangshi City, Hubei Province, China. I see my students who were just freshman when I left to teach at Wuhan University of Science and Technology City College. They are now more confident and brave. And getting ready to face life’s challenges. I talked to one and he said that he knows he must get a job but still would hope to have his own company someday. I agreed with him. He will be successful, he has that passion to be his best but he also wants to dream. So I told him to work for a company and hold to his dream. I told my English class today to hold to their dreams. Dreams help to fuel the passion for life within us. It gives us hope for a better and brighter tomorrow. Youth has that eternal flame that never goes out. Always striving for something beyond the status-quo. So I told them to continue to dream and hope. Dreams are the spice of life with which we face day to day living. We should balance life with work, dreams, passion and responsibility. My student will succeed in this. I am very proud of all of them. Keep dreaming. : )