So You Want To Travel China?

His pounding, popping and stretching to make noodles. Defy delicious.

Maybe you plan to visit China at some point. Hit the high spots, The Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, the Temple of Heaven, the Summer Palace…yawn. You must be in Beijing and you must be the typical tourist. If you do, also see the home of Confucius( Kong Zi 孔子), there are about 10,000 different places he slept, was born, and ate in. Yes, there are tourist traps here as well. If you really want to see China, don’t go to Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing or any of the coastal cities. Those cities are developed. Instead go to someplace like Wuhan and then and only then begin to visit the tiny cities North, South, East and West of there. Places like Ezhou, Huangpi, Huangshi, Huanggang, Daye, visit every market, nook and cranny. You’ll be astonished, surprised and delighted at what you find, few if any changes. Oh, yeah, there’ll be the new hotel or a new apartment complex. But just a stones throw away is the farmer leading his ox across a field of rice or better yet down the road in traffic. This is the real China, folks are still planting rice the same way they did 1000 years ago. And using the same tools as well. It will take your breath away. And you will then be a true believer in time travel 🙂