Being shy is not about shyness

When a student in Asia tells you they are shy or perhaps you determine they are shy, please think again. Take the time and make the effort to understand the culture you have chosen to teach in as an EFL teacher. There are the usual student teacher problems of getting adjusted to each other. However, I feel that the real meaning behind the word shy escapes even the best of us. This is why it is our responsibility as teachers to increase our knowledge and understanding of Asian students. I could say more but I’d like the article(researched and prepared by experts), that I will refer to do the talking. Suffice to say that each of us as professionals need to keep improving our skill-set, our EFL methodology and our professional credentials. The article lays a good foundation between the differences of  Western students and students from mainland China. There’s a lot of good articles and training available out there, please avail yourself of it.

Understanding shyness in Chinese children